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The Challenges of Reading

Reading is Critical

Only 10 percent of eighth-grade black boys in the U.S. are proficient in reading. In urban areas like Chicago and Detroit, that number is even lower.

We Need More Squares

There's nothing wrong with loving to read and trying to learn as much as you can. We want to highlight and celebrate you as you go about your reading journey!

Reading is Hard

As much as people want to say picking up a book and reading is easy, the truth is that being consistent with reading is one of the hardest things to do. 300 pages will always be daunting, and we're trying to build a community to make it easy.

So What Do We Do?

We're here to cut through the noise. Get to the most important books and apply that new info to change our lives in every way.


Discord, Clubhouse, Newsletters, Apps, we have a comprehensive approach to bring the community together about the books we're reading so we can support each other on the journey.


Reading is hard, but listening to audio is easy. Think about this: the average length audiobook (10 hours) averages out to 20 minutes a day and finish a book a month.


Here's what you get when you join the Club

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Some of Our Top Reads of 2020

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